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Tree Crowns: Our History

We are proud to bring you authentic, handcrafted furniture since the spring of 1996.

In true Arts & Craft tradition, we celebrate the individual craftsman and appreciate the unique and personalized touches he brings to each piece. Using solid wood and time-tested techniques, this furniture is made meticulously for your home. With proper care, your Tree Crowns Craftsman furniture will last for generations.

Tree Crowns began in 1996 as a small family owned business in California by a man with a deep appreciation for the Arts & Craft movement. In 2009 the ownership and location of the company was transferred to another American manufacturer in Holmes County, Ohio (often referred to as the Furniture Heartland). We continue to strive to bring you the best in service and quality.

The Arts & Craft Movement

The Arts & Craft Movement was an American aesthetic movement occuring in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Inspired by the idea of a craftsman taking pride in their personal handiwork, the movement was characterized by beautiful architecture, furniture, decorative arts, and more.

Discover the Craftsman Difference

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