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/Products/Home/San Marino/Bedroom/Arched Panel Bed

Arched Panel Bed


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Arched Spindle Beds

SMW-PLBD4/6-F Full Bed 63" W X 83" L (Headboard 54" H) (Footboard 36" H)

SMW-PLBD5/0-F Queen Bed 69" W X 88" L (Headboard 54" H) (Footboard 36" H)

SMW-PLBD6/0-F Cal-King Bed 81" W X 92" L (Headboard 54" H) (Footboard 36" H)

SMW-PLBD6/6-F Eastern King Bed 88" W X 88" L (Headboard 54" H) (Footboard 36" H)

SMW-PLHB4/6-F Full Headboard 63" W X 54" H

SMW-PLHB5/0-F Queen Headboard 69" W X 54" H

SMW-PLHB6/0-F Cal-King Headboard 81" W X 54" H

SMW-PLHB6/6-F Eastern King Headboard 88" W X 54" H

SMW-PLHBF4/6-F Full Headboard / Mattress Frame 63" W X 81 1/2" L X 54" H

SMW-PLHBF5/0-F Queen Headboard / Mattress Frame 69" W X 86 1/2" L X 54" H

SMW-PLHBF6/0-F Cal-King Headboard / Mattress Frame 81" W X 90 1/2" L X 54" H

SMW-PLHBF6/6-F Eastern King Headboard / Mattress Frame 88" W X 86 1/2" L X 54" H

Species: Quartersawn White Oak, Cherry
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